RMB Services, Inc. is a full service Colorado collection agency specializing in business collections, auto loan deficiencies, defaulted student loans, and general outstanding debt. The agency also performs subrogation collections for insurance companies within the Colorado-Wyoming-Utah areas. RMB offers clients the highest level of customer service, the most experienced collection staff, and unsurpassed recovery percentages. RMB's goal is to provide its clients a seamless process designed to optimize their collection and recovery objectives while simultaneously simplifying the out-sourcing process with its unique relationship with its network of attorneys.
RMB focuses on your delinquencies so you can focus on your business.
Jerry Vargo, President, entered the collection industry in 1975 representing commercial and retail clients including banks, insurance companies, and general creditors. Today, Mr. Vargo is a well respected collection agency owner, a member of the Colorado Bar Association, First Judicial Bar Association, American Collectors Association (ACA), National Association of Subrogation Professionals (NASP) (Charter Member), Colorado Victims Advocacy Group (COVA) and the National Association of Retail Collection Attorneys (NARCA).
In 1990, Jerry Vargo partnered with David Sage to form RMB Services, Inc. as well as the law firm of Sage & Vargo, P.C. The law firm handled RMB's legal needs in Colorado. This arrangement provided for a unique opportunity to ensure RMB clients receive not only essential collection processes, but advanced legal services as well. RMB Services, with its connection to Sage & Vargo, P.C., became one of the most successful subrogation agencies in Colorado, representing the nation's largest insurance companies.
In April 2008, after a professional metamorphisis, the firm restructured and became Vargo & Janson, P.C., introducing Mr. Vargo's partner, Mrs. Yosy Janson, who acquired the previous partners' interest. RMB has contractual relationships with other creditors/clients that prefer to utilize a collection agency before incurring the legal expense associated with a law firm. RMB Services, Inc. compensates Vargo & Janson, PC with a monthly contractual fee to handle all of RMB's legal needs. Vargo & Janson, PC then represents the legal interests of RMB Services' client in handling these files.
In addition to successfully providing outstanding collection services to a wide variety of clients, Jerry Vargo has mastered the collection processes relating to Colorado Court-ordered restitution and uninsured motorists. This involves procedures largely unknown by any other collection agencies or law firms in the state.
RMB's collection staff is its most valuable asset. Their experience, dedication, and professionalism are the driving force behind RMB's success.
RMB Services, Inc. hires experienced collectors and then, through extensive in-house training, eliminates any "stereotypical" collector habits they may have formed with other 3rd party collection agencies. RMB collectors do not use scare tactics or test the boundaries of the FDCPA.
Unlike other agencies who spend time, money, and management to train a collector "how to collect" and intimidate, RMB believes it is more important to train a collector to skiptrace, locate assets, and conduct themselves professionally while attempting to collect amicably. If assets are located, the likelihood of collections increases. RMB collectors are trained to give debtors a professional, courteous opportunity to pay voluntarily.
If voluntary payment arrangements are not made and attachable assets have been verified, RMB will request client's approval to file suit. At that point, the file will be forwarded to Vargo & Janson, P.C. for legal action AT NO ADDITIONAL COST TO YOU (direct court costs excepted).
RMB Services, Inc. has a 1:4 manager to collector ratio, much lower than the ACA national average. This ensures every collector at RMB receives the attention and on-going training to succeed. The average RMB collector has been with the company for at least 10 years; more than the 18-24 month national average tenure for collectors.
RMB Services, Inc. utilizes DAKCS® Collection Software. DAKCS® has been a leader in the collections software industry for over 25 years. This internationally acclaimed software is designed for receivables account management and has been customized specifically for RMB's needs.
DAKCS® software offers:
• Custom billing and invoicing
• Online credit bureaus
• Online batch reports/skiptracing
• Customized status reports
• "At Client Services" clients view accounts in real time (negotiable)
• And much more
RMB is capable of accepting new accounts through any type of media whether via CD-ROM, electronic mail box, or hard copy.
RMB offers its clients monthly Transaction Reports from our DAKCS collection system. Monthly remits & account status updates are forwarded to RMB clients on the 10th of every month for the preceding month's activities.
Acknowledgment Report: Every account will be acknowledged after being placed on the collection software system. The reports will include debtor's name, amount referred, and the client's account number.
Inventory Report: A complete listing of all non-transaction active accounts, current balances, and statuses of all client accounts can be generated every 30-60-90-120 days at clients request. Status codes listed on inventory reports represent an explanatory timeline throughout the collection process. An "Active" account will not remain in "Active" for 6-9 months. A list of status codes will be furnished upon request.
• Colorado Collection Agency Board – member since 1988
• Longstanding member of the American Collectors Association (ACA).
• Insured and bonded at levels above ACA recommendations.
RMB is a shortened acronym for Rocky Mountain Barge, Canal & Steamship Company. There is absolutely no connection to the financial, collections, or legal world; just a fun name created by the owner who is an admirer of old waterways.
RMB Services looks forward to becoming your collection partner. Please contact our offices to get answers any questions you may have.

This is an attempt to collect a debt by a debt collector. Any information obtained will be used for that purpose.

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